December 2014 Update
Happy Holidays everyone! New gigs announced in CA, NYC, PA, and South America!

October 2014 Update

Sketches Volume Two

SKETCHES Volume Two released on BJURecords. Available now!

iTunes (download)


July 2014 Update
Two more duo gigs with SEC in NYC and two Trio gigs in Brooklyn & DC. Plus, Sketches Volume Two has arrived! Stay tuned for a Fall release on BJURecords!

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“A lyrical player who sounds thoughtful even when playing an uptempo piece, Jarrett Cherner clearly has a bright future. His compositions are quite original (rather than being based on familiar chord changes), his improvising hints in spots at Bill Evans but is personal, and his interplay with his trio finds the three musicians often seeming to think as one.” Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene 1/07
“Cherner’s music tells a story. He moves suite-like through the works, pausing to change direction often. A portion of the program explains the Blues, while other sections interpret passionate ballad emotions or hard-driving soul. The album’s title track includes a lyrical conversation between piano and bass that speaks volumes through its adventurous foray and its ample spontaneity.” Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine, 11/06
"Cherner has established himself as one of the most exciting young pianist-composers on the Bay Area scene."
Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mecury News, 8/07


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